Your space-saving supply manager 

Everything in place: the supply console ensures you have everything at hand during surgery and in intensive care. What this means for you as a physician is rapid and unhindered access to the patient, equipment and all of the information you need

Perfectly managed

  • Clear allocation
  • Short cable lengths thanks to numerous, compact form-factor media connectors, spacious cable ducting and ingenious tray systems
  • Optimum space usage, since all components are height-adjustable
  • Arm systems in lengths of 600 to 2,400 mm, bearing capacity almost 1,000 kg
  • Can be variously combined and always in the right position: maximum freedom of movement in surgery and at the patient bedside

Custom-built solution

  • Modular layout of electro/gas modules,
  • Trays, drawers and infusion poles for optimum working clarity

Individual supply console

  • Five modular base elements
  • Choice of components to add
  • Flexible and specific to your scenario:
  • Gas/electro sockets or embedded communications
  • Cable management
  • Integrated supply, monitoring and documentation


Your team manager for intensive care

  • Arm system for optimal access to the patient and to all equipment
  • Clear equipment allocation, versatile integration of commercially-available devices
  • Flexible layout, thanks to modular design of media connections – hassle-free integration of all communications facilities
  • Multiple attachment options on the front and on the back.