Sim.STREAM: Top-quality telemedicine 

With Sim.STREAM, SIMEON offers you the perfect solution for meeting the requirements of modern telemedicine. Sim.STREAM gives you the capability to transmit a video signal over the network simultaneously to multiple PCs in superior HD quality and at a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. At the same time, both the video signal and single still frames can be easily recorded to a USB flash drive.

  • Simultaneous access to the video streamer from multiple PCs
  • Custom configuration of passwords and hierarchies
  • Simultaneous device- and PC software-driven control of Sim.STREAM
  • Up to 6 video inputs and 4 audio inputs
Video inputs
2x HD-SDI,
2x DVI,
2x Y/C oder CVBS
Video outputs
1x HD-SDI,
1x DVI
Audio inputs
4x Stereo
Simultaneous record and stream
USB port
1x (USB 3.0-compatible)